Verizon reveals new unlimited plans with more confusing names

Verizon has unveiled a new pricing structure for its plans, effective this Monday August 5. The plans are perhaps even more confusing than before. Verizon advertises it as “mix and match” but with a total of 5 unlimited plans, including a “Just Kids” option with a 5GB soft data cap.

Apple Music is also included in two of the four higher-tier unlimited plans. Before I attempt to explain this, I need to list the names of the plans to you know what I’m talking about. All amounts of “premium data” basically translate to a threshold that customers might experience slower speeds during high-congestion times.

All plans come with unlimited talk, text, and data – save for the Just Kids plan – which comes with unlimited talk and text to 20 contacts.

The “Start Unlimited” plan is an entry-level plan with Unlimited 4G LTE data and 480p video streaming. This plan does not mention a “Premium Data” allowance (essentially, a soft data cap) but the higher-tier plans do. We are off to a great start. This plan comes with 6 months of free Apple Music.

Next up is the “Play More” unlimited. This one comes with a 25GB premium data cap and higher resolution 720p streaming with Apple music subscription included. You’d think the next two plans above this one both have Apple Music bundled – not quite.

“Do More Unlimited” is actually an alternative to the latter plan and they cost the same. In exchange for a bump in premium data to 50GB, streaming is knocked down to 480p and Apple Music is only included for six months free. Even with those tradeoffs, it still comes with 500GB of Verzion cloud storage, and a 50% discount for a tablet or hotspot line.

Finally, the “Get More Unlimited” plan is the top tier plan with 75GB of premium data, 720p video streaming, and an included Apple Music subscription.

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Start Unlimited does not come with hotspot functionality, but the Play More and Do More plans include 15GB of high-speed data. The Get More plan comes with 30GB of hotspot.

Well, what are the rates for all these plans? How do you mix and match? Well, I’ll have to refer to you Verizon’s table. The pricing of the plan depends on the total number of lines on the account. The idea is you save more per line when you have more lines. You can select a different plan for each line so each person gets what they think they need. Oh yeah, and those prices are after AutoPay, and before taxes and fees – which tend to add up on accounts with more lines.

5G can be added to any of the Unlimited plans, and 5G devices won’t be subject to video optimization, so they will be able to stream at full 4K resolution. Verizon also graciously offers unlimited hotspot access on 5G devices, as long as you are connected to 5G.

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