Samsung to ditch the earpiece on the Galaxy Note10

You can file this in the, by now, rather large folder of Galaxy Note10 rumors, but there’s chatter about Samsung possibly ditching the earpiece on the Galaxy Note10. If you remember the LG G8 ThinQ from the beginning of the year, the Korean company decided to replace the earpiece with a sound emitting display, dubbed Crystal Sound OLED.

This is exactly what the rumors are predicting for the Galaxy Note10. Samsung calls it Sound on Display, and it’s not the first time we’ve heard about the technology. However, this is just a rumor for now, granted, coming from Ice universe, who has a pretty good track record at predicting Samsung (and not only) moves.

While the jury is still out on the quality of sound emitted by these displays, it does indeed eliminate another piece of hardware that would require a bezel, or notch. By employing a punch hole, Samsung will be able to move the selfie camera inside the screen, and by using Sound on Display, the Galaxy Note 10 could possibly have a zero-bezel top part. We’re curious to find out more in the near future.

One word of note though: the report talks about the “chin”, and the speaker. This would literally translate to the bottom of the phone, while the earpiece and the “forehead” refer to the top. This could be a language barrier issue, or Samsung could do some magic with the actual speaker, not the earpiece. Or both…

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