Huawei certain it will meet German 5G security standards

While navigating through rough waters, Chinese telecoms giant Huawei said that the company is confident it can live up to the 5G security standards and expectations Germany is setting out. The comment came from Werner Haas, Huawei Germany’s CTO, as Germany completed a 5G spectrum auction worth 6.5 billion euro ($7.4 billion).

We expect there to be good and pragmatic (security) solutions – and we have no doubt that we will fulfill them — Werner Haas

Despite several warnings and power plays from the United States, Germany has decided to level the playing field and offer all companies fair and equal chances to build the national 5G infrastructure. Germany has set out clear criteria for participants, like strong encryption and sabotage-proofing the network, and Haas said that Huawei was well-known in Germany as a secure and liable partner, being a Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Telefonica Deutschland supplier for quite some tome.

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