Deutsche Telekom will offer the Samsung Galaxy Fold in Germany when it finally arrives

Even though in the US, T-Mobile wants nothing to do with Samsung’s Galaxy Fold anymore, the carrier’s corporate owner, Deutsche Telekom, has other ideas for the German market.

According to information that was officially confirmed by Telekom to Notebookcheck, it will in fact offer the foldable device to its customers once it finally becomes available. Unfortunately Telekom hasn’t shared any more details, regarding an actual release date or pricing. That said, the latter has been known for a while now – prepare to spend an eye-watering €2,000 for the privilege of owning one of the first ever foldable phones, and Samsung’s debut in this nascent category.

Deutsche Telekom will offer the Samsung Galaxy Fold when it finally arrives

As for when you can expect to see it in stores, Samsung has recently announced that the Fold will finally be on sale in the first wave of markets at some point in September, so that’s a good estimate to keep in mind – provided, of course, that Germany is going to be among the first countries to receive the Fold.

After many months of delays in its release, which Samsung spent fixing the issues that were uncovered on the Fold review units, we’re now closer than ever to actually seeing people carrying it on the streets.

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